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Jalna, near Almora

Picture Credits: Tarang Goel



Winding roads through the mountains of Kumaon lead you to a beautiful little hamlet called Jalna: A little village, about 30 km from the popular hill town of Almora.


Tucked away in a peaceful corner of Jalna, is a mountain retreat made of 02 beautiful stone cottages perched at 5500 ft. Spread out in 3 acres of land in the Himalayas and surrounded by virgin pine, oak and rhododendron trees with seasonal fruits and vegetables, Sukoon is a boutique cottage that celebrates Kumaon in its truest sense – the spirit, the architecture and the revelry.

The inn breathes tranquillity and offers you the essence of authentic India: her friendliness, hospitality & serenely balanced lifestyle.

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At Sukoon Homestay, your day starts with the melodious chirping of birds while the first rays of the sun fall onto the stone walls and slate roofs of your private cottage.


Your breakfast consists of local Kumaoni Cuisine made up of fresh vegetables and fruits grown organically on the extensive farms surrounding the property.

The rest of the day is filled with soulful experiences.

Take a walk through one of the nearby villages, explore the local kumaoni culture. At the end of the day you are served mouth-watering food and snacks alongside a bonfire and some light music while you dazzle yourself under a starlit sky!


A trained staff consisting of a caretaker and a cook caters to all your needs with utmost attention.



At The Kumaoni House at SUKOON, we have refurbished the interiors of an authentic Kumaoni house to match the existing surroundings. The slate roofs are made of locally found stone called "Pataal" and big chunks of stone make up the thick walls of the 02 rooms thus keeping the home warm in winters and cool during summers. The serene, simple and comforting interiors soak your soul deeper into the silence and solace giving you reasons to forget the stressful life and embrace a new and rejuvenated self.​

Raahat consists of 02 beautifully decorated and spacious rooms with large windows overlooking serene surroundings. 

Inside the rooms, you will find elements of the local kumaoni culture: The thick walls have been finished with a mix of mud and locally found stone, the lamps, as well as other decors, have been made by the locals of the surrounding villages and the roof has a wooden cladding to give the rooms a warm feeling.





As the name suggests, SUKOON and RAAHAT are all about peace and tranquility. A place where you can let go of everything and spend time doing nothing at all.

Laze around on the hammock, read a book or gaze endlessly at the snow-covered peaks in the distance. Hike up to the hilltop to watch the most blissful sunset and get a 180-degree view of the surroundings. Explore the nearby villages and an old British bungalow on foot. 

If you'd like to head out, you can drive down to the famous Dol Ashram or to the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary for a jungle safari, Kasar Devi for the views and cafes and Almora town for the local sweet dish called "Baal Mithai".

Take a Walk


Take one of the many hikes around Sukoon. Hike up to the village and to the top of the ridge for a beautiful view of the Sunset

Go Sightseeing


Besides the popular Almora Town (30 km), you can also head to the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kasar Devi and Jageshwar.

Barbecue Evenings


If you let us know in advance, we can set up a beautiful barbecue evening for you with candles and mattresses under a canopy.

Leisure Activities


Choose from one of the many board and card games that we have at the property. We have Ludo, Chess and Carrom.



Carry a pair of binoculors with you when you head to Sukoon. The lush green surroundings of Sukoon are home to a variety of birds. 

Hillside Picnics


Let your caretaker set up a beautiful Picnic for you on a hillside with some tea/coffee and light snacks.



“We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Sukoon and would love to come back soon. It is one of those places that you see only in movies but gets to experience very rarely. We were fortunate enough to see/experience/stay at Sukoon. Amazing hand cooked food from freshly picked vegetables, tremendous support from the staff, amazing hospitality, on-point communication and ming blowing location. All of it together made our trip a memorable one. 100 points to Madan Da and Manoj for all the help. One of the team members got injured during one of the unplanned treks that we decided on but both Madan Da and Manoj showed great courage and supported us unconditionally.”
- Ashish via Airbnb



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